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So what about this Mack Power guy?



Mack Power and I became an item starting a few years back. It all began with me typing out a few lines of our dialogue because I just needed to get this guy Mack Power's voice out of my head! He'd been residing there for years. And his voice only became louder and his character more developed each time I sat out under my cabin's cottonwoods as their fluff swirled to the ground or went on a long hike in the Sapphire Mountains or sat in a small Montana bar sipping a cold one.

Give me details, please!

As mentioned in a previous blog, Mack is imposing at 6'4" and 230 pounds. He's got slate blue eyes, can give a mean "predatory bird eagle-eyed stare" when he needs to shut down an asshole and put him in his place, has a close-trimmed brown mustache and beard, and his brown silver-streaked hair flops offhandedly to one side. His normal attire doesn't deviate far from worn jeans, Carhartt Henley's, and either a black cowboy hat or a Trout Bums trucker hat, often worn backward. He could care less about what people think of him and his ramshackle appearance.

But Mack's natural attractiveness, and muscled figure gained through regular training and matches at the local boxing gym (Mack's a southpaw, btw), make him a target for lesser underconfident men who attempt to elevate themselves in the pecking order. Women are drawn to his grizzled good looks and bulk and stay, if Mack's agreeable, because of his unyielding devotion and tenderness. And his side gigs playing guitar and singing baritone in honkytonk bands send women, single or otherwise, over the top and to his side.

Mack piloted Boeing Alt-64 Apache helicopters in death-defying missions in the Afghanistan War. After flying combat, he stayed on with the rank of Warrant Officer and served as an MP with his former helicopter gunner, named Gunner...of course. His army days instilled in him a commitment to justice and keeping all things right in this world, even if he has to step in and ensure justice is served when it fails. 'Preparedness and Vigilance' is his motto. In the first novel in the Mack Power Series, Mack flies guests to the exclusive and remote Elk Horn Hideaway lodge outside the small Montana town of Lewistown.

After returning to civilian life, Mack headed back home to his Oro y Plata state of Montana where he inevitably drifts from town to town to quell his restlessness as he's not one to be tied down for long...AND another town needs his help.

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