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The first novel in the Mack Power Series


“LEWISTOWN, MONTANA. What began as a weekend reunion for longtime friends and graduates from Greenwich, Connecticut's Crestwood Hill Academy boarding school, ended with ten dead and only one survivor. It's thought there is at least one local among the deceased.” — and so the roller coaster ride and locked-room thriller begins!

In the heart-thumping novel, Revenge Has No Bounds, the first novel in the Mack Power series, follow Mack as he races to rescue the survivors stranded at the Elk Horn Hideaway, a remote hunting lodge deep into the Durfee Hills and thirty miles away from civilization. The cast of lodge characters includes an investigative reporter, a wealthy New York banker, a social media star, a black market dealer, an eccentric artist, a priest, an explorer, a Russian oligarch's daughter, a personal assistant, the lodge caretaker, and the lodge's chef—who among them is on a killing rampage, and why? Will Mack make it to the lodge in time? And is there really only one survivor as the breaking news article suggests? Just like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, you'll be up late into the night devouring page after page until you get to the gripping surprise ending.

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