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Welcome to My Blog!: JW Kelly's Reflections on #Writing

Updated: Aug 30, 2022



I'm excited to launch this blog to share some of my experienes with writing, the ins the outs of my process, what motivates me, some writing tips, and even a recipe or two. In this blog, I will also introduce you to my new book series' main character, Mack Power, and my debut novel, Revenge Has No Bounds!

About me.

But first about me. My own experiences as a part-time Montana resident these past two decades have informed my writing, as has my passion for bringing a fresh Montana character to popular culture. The settings in Revenge Has No Bounds, and in the upcoming series, highlight some of the fabulous places that I’ve grown to love. This first novel introduces Mack’s story within a suspense-filled nail-biter who-done-it that you won’t want to put down. I'm a firm believer that Montana deserves a man like Mack Power to tell its story in a clear-eyed and honest way.

I am a debut author, mother of three grown children as well as one teenager still at home, two dogs (Kona and Luna Lovegood), two cats (Butters and Princess Meow Meow), a 60-lb. tortoise (Violet), and my wonderful husband, Jim—all of whom keep me busy when I'm not writing or traveling to our Rock Creek, Montana cabin.

How do I relax?

When I have downtime I love reading (mostly mysteries and thrillers), gardening (I can grow tomatoes like nobody's business!), traveling (on my bucket list is to visit Vietnam), hiking (I once hiked from Wengen, Switzerland up to Männlichen!), and cooking (I grew up in Santa Fe, NM so I love spicy food...well, to be honest, all food).

Be in touch! I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments and join my mailing list:

I can also be found on Instagram @JWKellyauthor and Twitter @JWKellyauthor


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