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My own experiences as a part-time Montana resident these past two decades have informed my writing, as has my passion for bringing a fresh Montana character to popular culture. The settings in Revenge Has No Bounds highlight some of the fabulous places that I’ve grown to love, and the book introduces Mack Power's story within a suspense-filled nail-biter who-done-it that you won’t want to put down. I'm a firm believer that Montana deserves a man like Mack Power to tell its story in a clear-eyed and honest way. As a debut author, mother of three children successfully out in the world making it on their own, one teenager ready and eager to fly from the nest, two dogs, two cats, a 60-lb. tortoise, and a wonderfully supportive husband who shares my passion for all things Mack Power—I’m a busy and fulfilled woman. My family and love of the outdoors keep me busy when I'm not writing or traveling to my cabin alongside Rock Creek, the magnificent Blue Ribbon trout stream in Montana.

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